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Work place navigation, building & floor mapping
Hospital way finding and visitor access guides
School transport access guides
Transport facilities way finding, information and access guides
Airports way finding, information and access guides.

Who needs wayfinding

Wayfindit is a combined effort provided by TransitGraphics and Hermes Identity in delivering cost effective wayfinding solutions to a range of site's that have a strong visitor requirement.


Wayfinding and Transport Access Guides are an essential part of your site's mobility requirements to make the site a great place to work as well as an easy place to access.


Sites that are considered important for good wayfinding strategies include (but are not limited to):

It's important to have good wayfinding to enable visitors and staff to access and navigate your location quickly and easily. Good wayfinding will ensure:

Hospital way finding and visitor access guides

What we are capable of

Key components of effective wayfinding include:

All our way finding products are designed for the end user and include where applicable risk assessments and workplace health and safety hazard assessments.